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5-Star Reviews

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Don’t leave it to chance… Be the boss of your online reputation with a custom-designed review & referral-generation system that will help grow your business at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

More 5-Star Reviews = More Business

It’s really that simple, and getting more 5-star reviews
should be simple, too.

We both know why you’re here, so I’ll spare you the sales-speak.

Anyway, my main hustle is designing sweet HTML email signatures for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, lawyers, wealth managers, insurance agents, car dealers, building contractors, landscapers… Pretty much everyone, and I have thousands of clients.
Over the years, many of my clients have asked me to help them get more 5-star online reviews, and I’ve delivered.
The Makalla Review & Referral-Generation System is simple, straightforward and highly-effective, and I want to share it with you.
Check you the short video below to see how simple & effective my system truly is:

Let's Talk Features...

Filters the 5-star reviews from the rest...

Before being directed to any review sites, your customers will receive an email asking to rank their experience from 1-5 stars. Their selection determines whether or not they go to the review sites, or to a private feedback form to voice their complaints.

Custom-designed to match your branding & review/referral needs...

Your custom template will be perfectly on-brand, and will direct your customers to the online review platforms of your choosing.

Spam-Tested, Inbox-Approved

Passes 20+ spam filters including Barracuda, Iron Port, Spam Assassin, Symantec & many more.

Not automated... (huh?)

Instead of blasting a review request to every single customer, it's best to cherry-pick who you request a review from, and ideally to send that request when they are most delighted with your goods or services. (e.g. the day of successfully closing on a new home)

As simple as sending an email..

If you have Gmail, Apple Mail or Outlook, you can install your review-request file as an additional "email signature" and send it to whomever you want, whenever you want.

Installation Assistance

I’ll show you exactly how to optimally install your review-request template in your email client of choice.

Want to Take It for a Spin?

Enter your name and email address below and you’ll get a demo email shortly.

Feel free to poke around to see how everything works… All I ask is that you don’t leave any reviews on the sites that the demo links to, as it links to real people’s profiles for demonstration purposes only. 

I absolutely promise that your email address will not be shared with anyone.

Online Reviews Demo

You're in Good Company:

Review / Referral Request Template Pricing...




  • Price Per Month
  • Includes a bunch of bells & whistles that most small-to-medium service-related business don't really need.




  • Price Per Month
  • Includes a bunch of bells & whistles that most small-to-medium service-related business don't really need.

*The $299 one-time setup fee is ideal for individuals who just need to request reviews and referrals for themselves (e.g. real estate agents, mortgage brokers, plumbers, electricians etc.).

For teams or other SMBs where there is a need for additional review/referral request templates tailored for each team member, pricing would be an additional $49 per team member.

Also, template updates (e.g. new review website button/link, business branding updates etc.) after I’ve delivered the final file(s) are priced depending on the time needed and complexity of the job.

That being said, simple changes to name, title, contact info etc. only take me a minute, so I don’t charge for those… Pretty much anything graphic-related is all I really charge for.